Saturday, 26 November 2016

Picture This #379 ~ Distance

Why am I always rushed on Saturday? Maybe just lazy. My thanks to Pat for a great theme; I had many pictures I could use. Marvellous banner shot by Baz.

Crescent moon
Crescent moon.

Lake Superior.

Rocks and far clouds.


  1. Utterly lovely shimmering fawn crescent in the powdergrey sky

    Beautiful shimmering Goldfringed-Columbiablueclouded fawn sky and its reflection in the gently rippling silvermirror of the lake.

    Beautiful and serene capture

  2. Hi Benni !! Great shots for Pat's theme. Beautiful capture of the crescent moon.....can't get much more distant than that for a photo!! Love the colours and the silhouettes of distant trees in the second shot. Nice pastel tones in the third shot of the distant clouds and horizon.

  3. Sorry to be a bit late for my comment, but sometimes time passes too fast, at least for a golden oldie. The moon shot is very impressive, so sharp and clear. The colours over Lake Superior are very superior, and astonishing how vivid they are. Like the balance caused by the rocks and the distant clouds in the third shot.

  4. Hi Benni! Sorry for my belated comment but I could not do it earlier. Week after week, photo after photo, you are becoming a true professional... awesome shots I see here!