Saturday, 12 November 2016

Picture This #377 ~ Black And White In Winter

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week. A good theme, I had to search for my favourite winter shots and convert them to black and white. Not a big fan of winter, but it does make for great photos. 

1) Carew Castle in winter. 
Castle In Winter

2) Winter fields through the wire.
Winter Through The Wire

3) River Towey, near Llandeilo, in winter.
The River In Winter

4) Frost-covered leaves.
Iced Leaves


  1. Hi Mitch wow love your shots especially the castle
    I am not a fan of winter either
    your banner is great

  2. Fantastic winter shots I cant pic between them I really like them all

  3. Lovel shot of the castle, very impressive. Not so sure of the winter field - looks more like one of those mysterious government places where no-one is allowed to enter. The ripple effects on the water are very good and frost patterns are so original.

  4. Love the castle and the river. The field picture is fabulous. That pole is just in the most perfect position. And the frost is wonderfully delicate.

  5. Truly majestic fortress

    Wonderful shot of the grey skies neath which the snowfields preads out

    Beautiful and serene riverscape

    Beautiful capture of the leaves

  6. Hi Mitch! Awesome B&W shots... Love them all but the third from the top is my favourite... perhaps because of the impossibility I have to see a similar scenery in the region of Lisbon... the white is very white as if it had been bleached and the darkness of the river and of the trees makes a very beautiful contrast...