Friday, 25 November 2016

Picture This #379 ~ Distance

Pat, the Angloswiss correspondent reporting from Switzerland. Saturday morning is too hectic for me to post, so you are getting it on Friday evening. It is a wonder I am here. Blogger has joined the clan of "let's do something new" but after a few minutes I found where I should go. Why do they repair that stuff that is no way broken?

Anyhow, themes are becoming rare, so I snag them sometimes from my WordPress challenges and this one is Distance. Do your own thing with it.

This is a sunrise from my garden last week. I can now do sunrises because we had daylinght saving time and now I am up in the morning to watch it all happen. Otherwise I am a sunset sort of person.
Sunrise 23.11 (1)

It wasn't a bird, or superman, so it must be a plane. I heard it and took a shot, just a speck in the distance.
Plane 20.11 (2)

I had to leave Mr. Swiss at the parking in the supermarket to put the stuff we bought into the boot of the car. I had more important things to do, like taking a photo of the alps from the parking house. It is not often that  you can see them so clearly. There was a special wind blowing "föhn" and so there was a clear sighting.
Alps 21.11 (1)


  1. Hi Pat cool theme you have and I do that sometimes snag from another place it works
    thi one we haven't had before
    love all your cool shots

  2. Hi Pat!! Many thanks for hosting this week!! A really good theme!! Those dark clouds tinged with sunlight are very dramatic in the distance. The plane may have been a dot, but your camera captured the shape of it, so it can clearly be seen!! Spectacular view of the distant Alps!!

  3. Beautiful skies

    It can be planely seen.

    Majestic mountain vista.

  4. Wow, what a shot of the Alps!! So clear and magnificent with the building in the foreground and the clouds above. Speaking of clouds, those are nice with the plane and beautiful with the sunrise.

  5. Hi Pat! Many apologies for being late both in posting my contributions and commenting all the entries, yours, namely... Recently, I have been so much busy that I almost forget PT, Facebook, etc. At least, this will last until January. Anyway, specia words to thank you for the choice of theme that is very interesting, though I did post two shots. Yours are very interesting and they clearly give the viewer a good sense of distance... Love that of the Alps, particularly...