Saturday, 3 February 2018

Picture This #436 ~ Measurements

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week. An interesting and challenging theme....I really had to think about this one!! Here are my takes:

1) Sundial....for measuring time.

2)  Milepost....for measuring distance in the days before cars.

3)  Shiplog......not sure what this measures....could be speed or distance.

4) Weather Vane....for measuring wind direction.
Weather Vane


  1. Hi Mitch I had to think a little to lol
    love all yours didn't think of the weather vane or miles counter lol

  2. Wow - nice and fascinating pictures. Love the ancient sundial. Would be perfect for my garden. The milepost is charming; much of the US used to have these but have removed them in the interest of modernization. On to the shiplog - Tom says you are correct; it measures both speed and distance. Perhaps for smaller sailboats. Gorgeous colors in the weather vane shot.

  3. Hi Mitch! Interesting examples for the theme... Love the helpful it must have been to drivers in the past...

  4. Incredible piece of old equipment

    In the good old days of roattravel

    Terrific - i do love old maritime things

    Beautiful workmanship in silver and sable

  5. Hi Mitch another fabulous eclectic mix, all wonderful captures nice work ;)