Sunday, 4 February 2018


Congratulations, Benni, for this week's banner image. Love the colours and if I had such a sweet in front of me, I would undoubtedly forget its calories. 
Challenging theme chosen by Anders. I like it!

Amarante is a city in the Oporto Region. It is crossed by a river that in Winter it often causes water floods in the lower areas of the city. On the walls of the buildings, we can see plates that mark the dates of the levels reached by the waters. (Cheia is the Portuguese words for water-flood)

Water pressure gauges (Lisbon Water Museum)

A  thermometer that measures the atmospheric temperature. Seen on the fa├žade of a store in Oporto.


  1. Hi Belita!! Wonderful shots for this week#s theme. Wow, it seems that Amarante seesa lot of bad floods, going by those markers. The one in 2001 in particular looks to have been a really bad one!! Good shot of the Water Pressure guages....they look to be made of copper, presumably because it is not prone to rusting as much as other metals. I like the thermometer, it is similar to many her in the UK, in that they were used as advertising spaces. I was surprised to see the name Stephens' Inks....a company well-known in the past here, I didn't know it was well-known in Portugal too!!

  2. Wow that must have been some flood in '01.

    Wonderful workmanship.

    Cool thermometer.

  3. Wonderful pictures, Belita, forgive me for not seeing them sooner. Your first photo is interesting; I hope future floods are not worse. I like the small fountain in the archway which says, I think, water not fit for drinking. The pressure gauges have wonderful colors and I love the composition and colors of the thermometer in Oporto.

  4. Hi belita wow that flood was really something
    the water gauges are cool
    the thermostat is neat

  5. Hi Belita, your images never fail to please, as always a wonderfully eclectic mix, each and everyone a fabulous capture ;)