Saturday, 24 February 2018

Picture This #439 ~ Trees

Good morning or good day, just having my coffee as usual. Great theme, trees! I have a few shots.

From the air
Michigan from the air.

Manasota Key
A tempting trail in Florida.

Reflector light
Someone nailed a reflector to this tree. The tree is covering it up.

Maples and pine
Trees in the late afternoon light.


  1. morning benni
    love your shots the one from the air cool and the trail lovely and the last one great color and the close up with the bag nailed to three great

  2. Hi Benni four wonderfully varied shots each beautiful in its own way, I especially like the quirky reflector slowly being absorbed into the tree bark!

  3. Hi Benni !! Wonderful shots for the theme. Brrrr...Michigan sure looks cold in your you're glad you're not there at the moment!! Ahhh...the second shot is more like it. Warm weather and tropical trees. Had to smile at the third shot. Nature always takes back in the end. I didn't know trees had such an unusual diet though!! Beautiful light on the trees in the final shot.

  4. Beautiful winter woodscape

    Waiting around the bend...

    The old Ent

    Beautiful fall colours.

  5. Hi Benni! How I like all these four tree shots. Love how the trees in the first photo are scattered here an there like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle... If I ha that trail before me, I would surely walk along it as far as my legs could... Can figure out the effects of that reflector on a sunny day... Warm colour of the trees in blossom...