Friday, 9 February 2018

Picture This #437 ~ Simple

Hi, and welcome to Picture This for this week. I am Benni, your host. Things sure do get complicated in our world, as you will see when you go to Flickr to get the code for your pictures. Things have changed.  Or, it might just be my account. Hopefully. Anyway, rather than burble on, I will announce a theme of "Simple". Simple can really be anything you want, you can decide on what is simple. I hope you'll concentrate on enjoying your photos.

Remember, when you are up and about, I am tucked in my bed and am not able to be commenting until it's noon or later in the UK and Europe. I'm going to try to remember that not everyone posts Saturday morning, or even Saturday. So I'll look out for pictures that are posted Sunday or Monday.
Wonderful banner shot by Heidi; a simple measuring tape looking elegant.

Keeping it simple, here are my shots.

Washed up seaweed
Seaweed on the shore.

Cabbage butterfly
Cabbage butterfly.

Pink shell.


  1. hi benni thanks for being our host and cool simple lol theme
    love all yours especially the conch shell

  2. Hi Benni!! Many thanks for hosting this week!! Your theme is simply great. Should get lots of good interpretations. Couldn't get more simple than your first shot....pure minimalism!! Love that butterfly.....well camouflaged, had to look twice to see it!! Lovely shell, I like the pastel pink. I wonder which creature lived in it.

  3. Hi Benni! Quoting Leonardo da Vinci 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication', I look at your three beautiful pictures and I really see sophistication, particularly the bottom one that is beautiful in every way and, therefore, my favourite. Thanks for the choice of theme.

  4. Beautiful slender strand of weed

    Utterly lovely macro

    Beautiful pink shell

  5. Hi Benni, thanks for an interesting theme and some great shots to get us started ;)