Saturday, 5 May 2018

Picture This #448 ~ Relax

Hi everyone, this is Mitch and I'll be hosting this week. In the UK it's a holiday weekend, so lots of folks will be heading  out to their favourite places to relax, as just for once the forecast is for dry warm weather. So this week's theme is: RELAX!! Humans and animals are both good at relaxing, so a couple of each from me.

1) Cats are the experts at relaxing, as my neighbour's cat demonstrates.
Lazy Cat 1

2) This man was just sitting watching the world go by.

3) This cygnet was having a relaxing nap in the warm sunshine.
Sleepy Cygnet 2

4) This guy was feeling relaxed, seemingly without a worry in the world.
No Worries


  1. hi Mitch cool banner love it
    love your theme and love your shots all of them
    have a nice weekend holiday

  2. "I'm jes' chillin'."

    "I sit and think therefore I am."

    Sweet capture of the little swan.

    "Time to have a pause and a smoke."

  3. Great shots Mitch four cool shots to get us started and congrats on the header ;)

  4. Great shots, I particularly like the little area of blue on the cygnet's beak where the light hits it.

  5. Hi Mitch! Four super shots for the theme of your choice... Perhaps the cat is dreaming of finding a she-cat... sometimes, watching the world go by makes us feel relaxed as we forget our own worries, others not so... adorable cygnet followed by a man whose position of the body shows how he feels relaxed...