Saturday, 26 May 2018

Picture This #451 ~ Feathered Friends

Wonderful banner shot by Mitch and fabulous theme. I only have a few hundred bird shots and am posting late because I wanted to pick my very favorites. It was a tough but enjoyable job. Here they are.

Pelican taking off.

A woodpecker wandered into my neighbor's yard in Florida and so did I.

Black skimmer
A Black Skimmer.

Pelican at sunset
At sunset, schools of fish swim toward the surface and pelicans are waiting. So are photographers.


  1. Hi Benni !! I knew you'd like this theme, as your bird shots are always fabulous and you haven't disappointed here!! That first shot is can really see how birds evolved from dinosaurs in that shot. Cool shot of the woodpecker. He looks kind of manic. Love that Skimmer. Don't get them over here and never saw one on any of my trips over there. The last shot is just beautiful.

  2. Hi Benni! As I had expected, I am in awe...

  3. "And we have take off!"

    Beautiful capture of the woodpecker.

    "Im walking the Walk."

    Beautiful shimmering pastel skies and steelgrey sea and capture of the heron.

  4. Hi benni wow cool shots love the woodpecker we had lots of them in Canada
    that Pelican wow just wow the Blck Skimmer wow love the color
    the last is wonderful perfect ending to a perfect day