Saturday, 14 July 2018

Picture This #458 ~ Fountains

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week. A great theme that I don't think we've done before. Wasn't sure if I had many fountain shots but found quite a few in my archive!!

1) Fountain backlit by the sun at Lake Havasu, Arizona.
Backlit Fountain 1

2) Small fountain at the National Botanical Gardens Of Wales, with the Great Glasshouse in the background.
Fountain & Glasshouse

3) A different view of a fountain....from directly above, with yours truly reflected in it.
Fountain Reflection

4) Fountain at sunset. Epcot, Florida.
Fountain Sunset 2


  1. Beautiful crystalline pillars of the fountain shimmering in the platinum sunlight.

    Beautiful and serene gentle streams of the fountain

    Wonderful capture

    Amazing - looks like a geiser.

  2. Hi mitch love all your cool fountains

  3. Hi Mitch. Love your different treatments of the fountains, backlit, sunlit, and especially the one taken from above. I think I would be afraid of getting my camera wet, but I'm guessing you pretty much did your research before putting your camera at risk.

  4. Hi Mitch! How beautiful these fountains are, particularly on a day like today when the temperature has climbed up.., The last one is my favourite... love the effect of the sunset light, making it look surreal, somehow!