Sunday, 31 December 2017


Hi Mitch! Excellent photo for the last banner image of this year!

Not sure this is common in other countries but, in Portugal, at midnight, many households give a noisy 'concert' by banging pots and pans that are not in good condition. By doing so, they say goodbye to the Old year and welcome the New one.

At midnight  Lisbon skies blaze from several points in the city. I took this photo last year from my apartment..
New Year...
In Lisbon, the main new year's eve party is free. The party consists of concerts by popular musicians and singers. It's sponsored by a Portuguese beer company. Yesterday, I saw this man giving away top hats for tomorrow's party...

New Year

Best wishes for a Very Happy 2018!


  1. Wonderful and peculiar ornament

    Beautiful fireworks

    Great shot of the musician!

  2. Hi Belita!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. That tradition of banging the old pots and pans sounds rather noisy, but fun!!! We don't have that in the UK, but we do have a tradition called' First Footing', where the first person to enter the house after the stroke of midnight should be a man, who usually carried gifts for the house of coal (for heat), bread (for food), coins (for prosperity) and some kind of drink (traditionally Scotch whiskey). Great shot of the fireworks - there will certainly be many fireworks going off here, too!! The final shot almost seems like a B&W shot with the colour of the hats reintroduced, but I'm sure that's not actually the case. I hope the party is good!! Happy New Year!!

  3. Magnificent shots. Nice perspective on the pots and pans shot. Absolutely wonderful picture of the fireworks. Very nice effect in your last shot, with color adding the emphasis.

  4. hi belita great shots in Italy they throw old stuff out their windows to bring in the new lol