Saturday, 5 December 2015

Picture This #331 ~ Traffic Signs

That is a super banner photo by Belita. It was my favourite last week, such wonderful colours and contrasts.

Thanks for hosting Anders

I took this photo near where my dad lives in Dagenham, East London, GB

Here there is a mixture of signs. Our local train, taken from the car while we were waiting to cross the stop lights.
Bipperlisi on its way to Solothurn

This is one from the town of Biel, about 20 minutes drive from where we live and where my son lives from Tuesday to Friday. Biel is about 40 French speaking and 60% Swiss German, so nearly on the laguage border, the reason why the towns sound a bit French.
Signpost in Biel

This is a local sign post on one of my walks.
Signpost Solothurn


  1. Great variety of street scene and traffic signs, Pat. I like the symbols of the sign in the first shot. The second is a nice mixture of signs and a contrast with the modern train and older buildings. I liked looking at all the names in your last two shots; the last one even seems to have a map. Does the symbol by Grenchen denote a skating path?

  2. Great selection of shapes and colours and name-signs. :)

  3. Hi Pat !! Excellent selection of shots for Anders' theme!! Of course, the first one is so typically British. I am often looking out for the signs with the brown background as they often indicate places of interest or nature centres, where lots of good photographic opportunities exist!! The red stop-light in your second shot is a good idea....I wouldn't want to argue with a big train like that , while in my car!!! Yes, I can see the mixture of languages in the place names in your third shot. Lots of good cycling opportunities in your local area, it seems, from your final shot!!

  4. Hi Pat! So many directions... which one should one take???