Saturday, 5 December 2015

Picture This #331 ~ Traffic Signs

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week. An interesting theme, and something of a challenge!! I knew I had some photos for the theme, the challenge was finding them in my archive!!

1) New York street sign.
West 38th & 5th

2) This sign indicates a cycling path.
Let It Ride

3) Sign for temporary traffic lights. I guess one driver was colourblind, as he drove straight into it!!

4) A photo that demonstrates that most signs here in Wales are in both Welsh and English.
Nun Street


  1. A very good collection Mitch. I think I also stood on that corner in New York.The cycling path looks like it was done by one of those naive painters at the beginning of his career. No respect for traffic lights it seems, a good shot. I am sure with your excellent knowledge of cymru you understood every word on the sign in Welsh and did not need the english translation.

  2. Great selection and interesting signs. I feel like I should know where the corner of W. 38th and Fifth Avenue is in New York. Nice picture of the big city. I like the bike sign because it was painted by hand, not using a stencil. Poor traffic sign, it probably didn't stand a chance. Love seeing signs in both English and Welsh; that is a particularly beautiful one.

  3. Very cool selection of signs, Mitch, The bike one especially.

  4. Hi Mitch! Very interesting selection of images for this week's challenge... Love them all but the top one is my favourite... good angle!