Saturday, 19 December 2015

Picture This #333 ~ Urban Equipment

First of all thanks for hosting Belita and many thanks to Mitch for using my photo as a banner. Actually perhaps a little explanation. It is the place in the local cemetery reserved for the babies. Often they have no separate grave as they die so early and they constructed this area where the lady is surrounded by the little graves with no names.

These are the various rubbish disposal places for our village. The containers are labelled, plastic, bottles, clothing, etc. etc.


This is a London Postman's letter carrier. Whilst the postman was dropping the letters in a house I took a picture of his trolley.
London 2015

They were cleaning the drains opposite our home, so I naturally took a couple of photos.
Clearing the drains

Park your bicycle at the local railway station in Solothurn.


  1. Hi Pat! Very nice banner image, though it conveys some sadness but that's life... Good range of disposal containers... Love that mail carrier... it makes the delivery become a lighter work... Cleaning the drains is essential and you took a nice picture of the action... In Portugal, there should be more bike parking places like that... unfortunately, Latin people still see a car as the best friend from which they depend a lot...

  2. Hi Pat love your banner and now it really means something
    love your recycling bins cool and alllll those bikes wow
    the mailman's cart love the red ours are yellow but now they mostly come in their yellow vans sigh

  3. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Belita's theme. I really like your recycling station, so neat and well-organised, as I'd expect from the Swiss. Great shot of the postman's trolley!! They are ideal in urban areas, but here in the rural area where I live the postman uses his van and the distances between some parts of his round would be too great to pull/push a trolley. Those drain-cleaning trucks seem to be pretty much standardised....the ones here look the same, although I prefer the orange colour of yours. Wow, that's a big cycle-park!! I hope the sections are numbered well, otherwise finding the right cycle could take forever!!! LOL.

  4. Hi Pat, Merry Christmas! Great pix, I especially like the bottom one and it caught my husband's eye as well. The patterns and angles are fascinating. Love the green and black color combination.