Friday, 4 December 2015

Picture This Week 331 ~ Traffic Signs

Beautiful banner by Belita!

Welcome and greetings from Sweden! All over the world in all streets, roads and squares there are trafic signs. They're a help in our daily navigation of the surroundings in all kinds of ways. Hope you'll enjoy this challenge and Im looking forward to your entries. Enjoy! Best Anders.

Shows you where you may park.
 photo 3_zpswr7vlbln.jpg

At each end of a riding path this sign can be found.
 photo 2_zpsplgd4qrk.jpg

This sign stands at the crossroads and warns the driver to stop to let crossing traffic pass before proceeding.
 photo 1_zpsjqho0fjz.jpg


  1. Hi Anders!! Many thanks for hosting this week. It's an interesting theme, I'm thinking most people should have some photos for it!! I know I have, I just have to search my archive!! That first photo is almost universal in western countries, I think!! That second one is something I always look out for as there are many riders in the area I live. Is that last shot upside-down? Or is it just your name that's upside-down?

    1. Thanks Mitch. its the name that is turned upside down :D.

  2. Hi Anders! Always interesting to see signs from other parts of the world. I didn't think I would have any pictures for this challenging theme, but I found that I did. Anyway, great shots, and I did indeed enjoy this challenge. Pics up soon.

  3. Thanks for hosting Anders. Traffic signs are always interesting when we can see what the others have. An intersting collection.

  4. thanks for hosting Anders it was a challenge but I made it lol
    love yours

  5. Hi Anders! Not an easy theme, yet an interesting one... Love the set of images I see here.