Saturday, 19 December 2015

Picture This #333 ~ Urban Equipment

Many thanks to Belita for hosting this week. A different and interesting theme, but one I found very difficult, as this is not a photographic subject I have done much of. I had to really trawl through my archive, but finally found some suitable shots. By coincidence, they are all of 'old' subjects. 


1) An old handcart that used to be used by local greengrocers for moving heavier items like sacks of potatoes. Llandeilo, Wales.

2) Old fire-hydrant. Batsto, New Jersey.
You're Fired

3) Old postbox, Saundersfoot, Wales.
Last Post

4)  This is an old London street-lamp.......that I photographed in Arizona!! When the old London Bridge was bought by an American and transported to Lake Havasu, Arizona, even the street-lamps went with it!!
Double LIght 1


  1. Wonderful quaint old cart that has been revived into new life with the colours. Fire hydrants are so interesting, they have their own shapes, sizes and colours, but the old ones are the best. Your Welsh postbox looks a bit different to the one we had in Bethnal Green. I even remember we had one, when I was a kid, with GR still on it. I could never understand London Bridge being shifted across the Atlantic, but you have at least saved a photo of the lamps.

  2. Hi Mitch, Merry Christmas! Love your colors; we so often think of equipment as being grey and colorless. The cart is beautifully painted and nicely photographed by you. Nice fire hydrant - I almost put one in myself. The mailbox is a work of art and I love the London street light with a Arizona palm tree in it.

  3. Hi Mitch! It's my pleasure to host Picture This of this week, or better saying, of this weekend... Sorry if my choice of theme has not been the ideal but I tried to choose something different, perhaps never done before. Even though, your selection of pictures is great and from the top to the bottom I love all of them. However, my favourite if the street lamps.. love that elegant ironwork...

  4. Hi Mitch,wow love your shots especially the mail box and Victorian light polls and that cute little cart