Friday, 11 December 2015

Picture This #332 ~ Magical Misty Tour

Pat calling in from the outpost in Europe called Switzerland. We have been engulfed in fog and mist over the last couple of weeks, so I am afraid my photos are a reflection of the situation. If you don't have fog or mist, just boil some water and take a photo, that will work as well. And now to begin.

I have a thing about graveyards and saw this figure standing there, so I took her photo.
St. Kathrinen Cemetery

This is one of last year's misty photos, taken in our village.

This is a view over Paris from the Eiffel tower . You can see the golden dome of Sacre Coeur on the left.
View towards South from Eiffel Tower

And another one taken in the village.
Field in Feldbrunnen in mist


  1. Hi Pat you are so funny---and I can barley see you from here through all this Mystic Fog LMAO to cool
    love all your shots and thanks for hosting
    and I wish this pea soup would really go away

  2. Hi Pat!! Many thanks for hosting this week. It's a great theme, but one I've struggled with, although I've now finally found some suitable shots. That figure in the first shot is rather spooky. Reminds me of a 'Weeping Angel' from Dr Who. It's a real pea-souper fog in the second shot. Who knows what kind of mysterious creatures roam within it!! Paris certainly looks different in the fog. The misty hills in the final shot are lovely.

  3. Nice theme, Pat, and stunning first picture. So many stories could be told around that one. Great shots of your village and of Paris. I just love the composition and misty colors of your bottom shot. That is beautiful.

  4. Hi Pat! Good theme, not easy at all but I like the challenge. Four stages of the tour, each one has its beauty but the first one is my favourite... that sculpture seems to be a real woman...beautiful!!!

  5. Beautiful and misterious and magical pictures. love the serenity of the first, wonder if the elfs is about looking for porridge, beautiful view of Paris from upon high. Utterly love and pastoral misty landscape