Saturday, 19 December 2015


Hi all! Here Belita is to host this week's challenge under the theme 'URBAN EQUIPMENT'. I hope none of you will complain about my choice. I guess it will give you many possibilities to post very interesting pictures. I am curious to see what the urban equipment looks like at your place or wherever you have seen it. On Monday, I'll be leaving Portugal for a 10-day stay in Madrid. Therefore, I have only two days to view your beautiful contributions and drop the related comments. 
 Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016!!

There will be no 'Picture This' theme on Saturday 26th December due to the Christmas holiday, it will return on Saturday 2nd January for the first theme of 2016!! Happy Christmas!!

Bus stop in my neighbourhood

A drinking fountain at a park (Oporto) URBAN EQUIPMENT 
A bottle recycling bin (Lisbon) - It reads: write a love message in an empty bottle, take a photo and share it on the page of Pinga Amor over Facebook. Drop the bottle into the bin.


A dog tidy bag dispenser (Lisbon) URBAN EQUIPMENT


  1. Hi belita have a nice Holiday--
    love your shots the bottle receptical is so cool
    the dog bad dispenser is also great the bus stop is nice so at least you can stay dry on a wet day ours are just a post period

  2. That is a good theme, photos you can never really show. I have a feeling that bus stops in Europe all come from the same place, although each coutry seems tohave its only little difference. i like the seating accomodation. good idea with the love letter in a bottle, although I think our Swiss maintenance men would just smash the bottle and probably complain about putting paper in the bottle. Good take on the drinking fountain, I havn't seen one of those in years. Those doggy dispensers come in all shapes and sizes, but the Portuguese one is very elegant.

  3. Hi Belita!! Many thanks for hosting this week. I found this to be a very difficult theme, as these are the kind of things I don't often photograph. I did mange to find some suitable shots after a good trawl through my archive!! Good shot of the bus-stop. That footballer Ronaldo's face appears in so many places!! Really nice shot of the drinking fountain, not something seen much in the UK any more, although there are lots of them in the US. I love the recycling bin, and the idea of putting love messages in the bottles. The dog-bag dispenser is a very good idea. Another thing rarely seen over here, where people are expected to provide their own bags.

  4. Hi Belita. Wishing you a very merry Christmas in Madrid. Your first picture is very attractive - what a nice looking young man. Haha, I am teasing, I know Cristiano, I'm sure his picture is all over. Lovely drinking fountain in the park, interesting recycling bin with a romantic twist. My favorite is the simple but elegant picture of the doggy doody receptacle.