Saturday, 12 December 2015

Picture This #332 ~ Magical Misty Tour

Wonderful banner shot, Mitch, both modern and ancient.

I like your theme, Pat, let's see if these fit. Florida, the land of sun, also has a lot of mist, so all of my pictures are from there.

Lone Fisherman

Hopeful fisherman in the morning mist.

Sky and sea

Fog brushes the palms.


Another hopeful fisher.


  1. I was wonderng if this theme might be a bit difficult. I love your photo of palms in the mist. The first seems to be the misty fisherman and birds always seem to find the way, despite the mist.

  2. Hi Benni! Your three shots make the tour a magical misty one... love each stage of it...

  3. "To fish, perchance to catch..."

    Truly misterious


  4. Hi Benni !! Great shots for Pat's theme!! Luck for the fisherman that the mist isn't too thick, he can see what he has hooked!! I love the palms in the fog, has a kind of eerie atmosphere. I'm always glad to see one of your pelican shots, they are always wonderful action-captures of them diving for fish.