Saturday, 4 March 2017

Picture This #392 ~ Dusk, Dawn Or Night

A wonderful theme, although I am rarely up at dawn. Thanks for hosting, Heidi. The light at the beginning and end of the day is delicate and beautiful. Here are my pictures.

Light catching the clouds just before sunset.

Ice storm
One of my few dawn pictures. Sun up after a night's ice storm.

Gibbous moon.


  1. Beautiful and serene

    Beautiful shimmering Carolinablue sky and snowcovered trees

    Utterly lovely fawn moon in the velvet darkness of space.

  2. Hi Benni !! Lovely shots for Heidi's theme. Love how the sun is just catching that line of clouds in the first shot. The rising sun illuminating the ice-laden trees is beautiful. Your moon photos are always special.

  3. hi benni what wonderful shots
    the sunset superb the sunrise over cool
    your moon ohlala wonderful

  4. Wonderful photos. The first is almost magical, and I love the colours in the second photo.I always admire moon shots, probably because I have never been successful with them. Congratulations on yours.