Saturday, 11 March 2017

Picture This #393 ~ Aspects Of Water

Congratulations Heidi for the banner photo and thanks for hosting Mitch.

I live next to a river, but now I have to find something completely different, so let's see what I have in my collection.

A river shot of the Aar with a difference. I was surprised when I uploaded it to see the capture of the sun on the surface of the water.

River Aar Walk 10.03 (15)

If you leave a bowl of water outside for the cat, this is what happens. When the cats away, the sparrows will play and drink.
Sparrows16.12 (35)

Rain on my Eurasian Smoke Tree
Eurasien Smoke Tree 14.06 (1)

And of course, water is for drinking.
Tabby 07.03 (1)


  1. Hi Pat! Love your pictures, the last one made me laugh. Isn't that just what all cats do? Nice diamond sparkles on the Aar, and an exquisite shot of the sparrows drinking out of the cat's bowl. Your rain on the smoke tree is simply beautiful. Gives me hope for spring.

  2. Hi Pat !! Terrific shots for this week's theme. Beautiful trail of sun-diamonds across the water in the first shot. The sparrows in the second shot made me smile. They're such cheeky and opportunistic little birds. I love the third may not grow on trees but your shot makes it look like water does!! Fantastic!! I see Tabby is demonstrating in the final shot what she has often said in the Cat Chronicles, that the best water isn't that found in the water-bowl!!

  3. Beautiful silverly glitter on the river

    Cute little critters

    Beautiful natural art


  4. Hi Pat wonderful shots love the cat drinking lol and the River Aar wonderful the little birds cute