Saturday, 25 March 2017

Picture This #395 ~ Morning

Good morning from one of my last mornings in Florida. Such a beautiful picture by Anders for our banner shot. The greens are translucent and the trees show just enough of the house to pique my curiosity.

Palms at dawn.

Bleeding heart 
Dicentra, also known as Bleeding Heart, in the morning light.

Lizard with dewlap
In the morning, the Anoles (lizards) sun themselves. This one is showing his dewlap, an inflatable flap of skin, which serves to attract females or threaten strangers.


  1. Beautiful limegreen foliage against the Carolinablue sky

    Lovely pink Bleeding hearts

    Amazing macro

  2. Certainly something completely different from Florida. Love the light reflecting on the palm trees. I also have bleeding hearts and now must get up early in the morning to capture the wonderful atmosphere on your photo. Lizards is not something we have, and that is a really good shot.

  3. Hi Benni !! Lovely shots for the theme. I like the early morning light on the palms. The soft translucence of the Bleeding Hearts is beautiful. Great shot of Mr Lizard showing off for the ladies.

  4. Hi Benni! No need to see who has posted the above photos... You, for sure... Love that flower garland and your friendly lizard...