Saturday, 25 March 2017

Picture This #395 ~ Morning

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week. A really nice theme, but one I had a lot of difficulties with. I rarely take sunrise shots, in fact I think I've only ever taken two or three and I couldn't find them in my archive!! Instead, I had to track down photos in my archive that were taken  during the morning....also not an easy task as the majority of my photos were taken after midday, according to the time-stamps on them. I finally settled on these:

1) A thoughtful New Forest Pony, taken in the morning light. 
Thoughful Pony

2) A spider sitting in it's web, hoping breakfast will arrive.
Spider 1

3) A Teasle in the morning light.
Teasle 3

4) A bee warming up in the early morning sun.
Bee 1


  1. The eye of the beholdee is being beheld by the eye of the
    camera being held by the beholder.

    Wondrous capture of the spider in its net

    Fabulous macro of the flowerbud and of the bee.

  2. Great shot of the pony, I wonder what it was thinking. Love spider shots, they are so artistic with their web as a background. Wonderful details on the teasle or whatever, and that looks like a very busy bee.

  3. Hi Mitch! Fantastic detail in your first shot. I want to reach out and stroke his fur. Nice spider web and spider. The teasel is also very wonderfully detailed and I long to touch it - they are not prickly when they are young. And a happy bee, another amazing macro.

  4. oh wow what a wonderful set of morning
    love the horse the web is stupendous the bee hard at work so early on

  5. Hi Mitch! Love your morning shots. Perhaps the horse was thinking of his schedule for the day... while the bee was clever enough so as to have two in one.... breakfast and warmth...