Sunday, 5 March 2017

Picture This #392 ~ Dusk, Dawn Or Night

I am back. At the moment I have a bit of stress with this and that. My own fault, blogging too much, and now going on photo walks because the weather is now going towards Spring. I have also begun to drive the car again, after almost 2 years.
So Now I am here. Wonderful banner photo from Mitch, and thanks for hosting Heidi.

I took this photo this morning from my porch at 7.45 a.m. I often do a good morning blog with a photo of the day and this was my today's photo. Not such a bright day, and it rained later. I even caught a crow on his way home.

The sun was setting over our town of Solothurn towards West when I took this photo on my way home from a walk.
Sunset over Baselstrasse, solothurn
A view over the southern part of Solothurn, Switzerland, in the late evening from the balcony of my niece's apartment.
Solothurn by night - View towards South

And this is what London looks like by night when you are descending to London City Airport.
London by night from a plane


  1. Beautiful shot of the ashgreyclouded sky

    Beautiful strains of saffron in the Carolinablue sky and mauve strains on the darkpink horizon.

    Beautiful iridescent burning liquid gold sheen

    Beautiful strains of gold in the velvet darkness of night.

  2. Hi Pat!! Glad to see you taking part this week. Good to hear you're getting out more and starting to drive again. I'd like to get out to take some photos but I've had rain and/or gales for most of the last week and a half. Great shots for the theme. The sky in the first shot looks pretty much like it did here this morning. Wonderful sunset colours in the second shot. I really like the golden tones created by the street-lighting in your third shot. You must have been passing over the outskirts of London in that final shot, as it doesn't look very lit up apart from a couple of main roads.

  3. Hi Pat, sorry to hear of your stress. Hope it gets calm for you soon. Your photos are lovely. Funny, the back yard in your first picture is much like my back yard in the morning. The colors that you have captured are very delicate. Sunset over Solothurn is beautiful. And two gorgeous night shots, especially the one coming into London. Awesome framing with the window and the propellor.

  4. Hi Pat love your shots
    the London from the air WOW love it and the first one is so effective great shot
    Solothurn at night oool and your early morning is wonderful