Saturday, 11 March 2017

Picture This #393 ~ Aspects Of Water

Greetings everyone, this is Mitch and I'll be hosting this week. Water is one of the most abundant and important substances on Earth and we generally tend to photograph it  in it's most obvious forms, such as lakes, rivers and the oceans. But water plays so many different roles in life, many of them so commonplace we often don't even notice it. Let's see your shots of water that are a bit different to the usual lakes, rivers and oceans!! Here are mine to start:

1) A glass of water. Very much an everyday item, but here viewed from above.
Vertical View

2) This is a shot of water running down the overflow spillway of the dam at Lys-Y-Fran reservoir. It formed endlessly fascinating patterns.
Spillway From Below Detail4

3) Raindrops trickling down a window is something that happens a lot. But how often do we stop and really look at it?
Rain Perspective

4) The jellyfish consists of more than 95% water and is one of the oldest multi-cellular organisms on Earth. 
Jellyfish 1


  1. Hi Mitch thanks for my shot for banner
    great theme love it your shots are all wonderful

  2. Cool shot of the glass

    Wow that is dramatic

    Serene rainshot

    and wondrous jellyfish.

  3. Hi Mitch! Great variation on the water theme. Your glass of water is surrealistic with the colors and shapes in it. Also fascinating is the picture of the water flowing over the dam, with its endless patterns. Love the water on the window, I spend a lot of time in rainy Michigan looking at it. And finally, magnificent jellyfish. I see them now and then washed up on shore and have worked up the courage to touch them, a most interesting texture. Nice golden hues in yours.

  4. Love your photos. The shot of the water flowing on the dam is very unique. I look at everything these days with the eye of a camera lens and the raindrops on the window are a very good composition. I havn't seen a jellyfish for years, so for me a good reminder of what they actually looked like laying on the beach. And the glass of water is also a good shot looking down.

  5. Beautiful banner shot by Heidi! Nice theme and great shots! I especially love the patterns the water makes in the photo of the spillway