Friday, 17 March 2017

Picture This #394 ~ Rural

Hello everyone, Pat calling from the land of chocolate and cheese fondue. I am the chosen one this week, so as usual am already here on Friday as my Saturday mornings are too busy to blog.

I am really running out of ideas. I live in farming country, rarely get out to the towns at the moment, but like to take a walk now and again, even if it is only half an hour. I decided rural is a nice big scope for everyone.

What could be more rural than the tractor ploughing up the land in the village with the village church in the background - photo taken in my village just across the road.
Tractor 14.03 (3)

Took a trip up the local mountain (Balmberg) this week and shot a few photos, so here is one from the top.
Balmberg 16.03 (26)

And this is the village where Mr. Swiss was born and grew up.
Niederwil 16.03 (2)


  1. Hi Pat! What a good choice of theme to someone, like me, who lives in a city.The more I live in Lisbon, the more I would like to live in a rural area. Therefore, I didn't want to miss this week challenge. However, all my three attempts were unsuccessful. For some unknown reason, the page for a new post didn't load. Pity. Anyway, I'll try to do it again when I have time. In the meantime, let me tell you how much I love your set of rural scenes. Typical Swiss, I would say. The second from the top is my favourite, perhaps because it makes me miss the beautiful Switzerland...

  2. hi Pat have a good day in the rain. Love your theme and all your lovely shots

  3. The very picture of things rural

    Beautiful and majestic mountain vista

    Serene scenery

  4. Hi Pat !! many thanks for hosting this week, a great theme.....I really like rural scenes. Your first photo is so classically rural it could be anywhere in Europe!! Great view from the top of the local mountain. The village in the final shot looks a sleepy place, not too busy.

  5. Lovely pictures and I especially love the one from Balmburg. Beautiful and lovely lines. Nice tractor and good shot of Mr. Swiss' town. Your sparrow picture is wonderful as the banner shot.