Saturday, 7 November 2015

Picture This #327 ~ Everyday Life

Thanks for hosting Belita and congratulations Benni on the banner photo.

Like Mitch, I don't do a lot of people stuff, so on my walk today along the local River Aar I concentrated more on people.

How's this? even Mr. Swiss takes photos.

River Aare

And then I remembered a photo I once took some time ago. Mr. Swiss and I found it so sweet how they were walking together. Even when you are a golden oldie it's fun to hold hands.

Here is Mr.. Flury sweeping the leaves on the path - his is a well-known figure in the village.
Sweeping the leaves away

A selfie in one of my everyday occupations.


  1. Hi Pat! Beautiful colours of the current season.... so many people like this season for the warmly coloured palette... Walking hand in hand is ageless, however, the older the walkers are, sweeter the scene is... How villagers must be grateful to that man for the work he does... My favourite shot? The bottom one, of course...

  2. Grand assortment, Pat!! Nice shot of Mr. Swiss and you and I agree it is wonderful to see older people holding hands. Nice selfie too.

  3. Hi Pat great shots love Mr. Swiss and the selfie well that is cool

  4. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Belita's theme.Good capture of Mr Swiss taking a photo.....he can no longer say it is always you taking time out on walks to photograph something!! Lovely second photo......showing you are never too old to hold hands like a couple of teenagers. Good shot of Mr Flurry......a very important job he has, keeping the roads and paths clear!! That selfie is is so you!! And Apple should be paying you for all the advertising you do for them!!! LOL.