Saturday, 14 November 2015

Picture This #328 ~ Fading Light

Thanks for hosting Benni, and congratulations to the banner photo Mitch.

We are having sunny days currently, but even the sun goes down some time in the afternoon and they are the photos where you can capture the interesting lighting effects. Having over 16,000 photos I do not have the time to search through the old photos, so I took Mr. Swiss for a walk along the river (again) and these are a couple of my shots.

It's Autumn and the leaves are falling.
Along the River Aare
The Bernese Alps show themselves at their best in this light. taken from a hill above the banks of the River across the Bernese plain.
A view across the river. Today seemed to be a special reflection day in the water.
Along the Aare
And as the golden sun sinks slowly in the West, we were almost home.
Sunset in Feldbrunnen


  1. Wonderful shots, Pat, just what I was thinking of. Marvelous muted orange in your first and nice reflection as well. Your photo of the Bernese Alps is jaw dropping; I would love to have those beauties to look at every day. The river reflection is very nice and has a November quality about it with the still water reflecting the bare branches. And a glorious golden sun at the end.

  2. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Benni's theme!! I love the path of golden leaves in the first shot. The shot of the Bernese Alps is stunning, the light is perfect. Lovely reflections in the river. Glorious sunset to finish with.

  3. I always like to look at the photos you, Pat, share with us on here. This week, another nice set on the theme with beautiful light effects...

  4. hi Pat wow all wonderful I love the 2nd one and the last one best