Saturday, 7 November 2015

Picture This #327 ~ Everyday Life

Many thanks to Belita for hosting this week, it's a great theme!! Unfortunately, because I have tended to specialise in flower & insect macros over the past two or three years, I've neglected my photography of 'everyday life', so my shots are all from my archive. 

1) A man having a nap in his car.
Asleep At The Wheel

2) People looking for a bargain at the Sunday car-boot sale.

3) Lifeguard keeping watch on the local beach.
Keeping Watch B&W

4) Contemplating the harbour.


  1. A good capture of the guy sleeping in the car. Boot sales bring back memories but from where I came from, it was mostly stolen goods. good shot of the life guard. they used to be such good figures of men in their bathing trunks and now they dress like a farmer - how days have changed. that could be me or Mr. swiss on the last photo. you get to an age where you are nearly always contemplating.

  2. Hi Mitch! No matter how recent or not the shots are, I like them all. The first for being a common attitude of drivers when they feel sleepy. Wise to have a nap other than going ahead with the driving and have an accident... That car-boot sale looks a big one... I guess, I would fi d something interesting.. Portuguese beaches have guards not driving those vehicles but watching from a tower... nice to see that young girl with a bucket and a shovel... I read Benni's comment and smiled as I read her words about the bottom shot... Either I'm still young - which is not true, at all - or I can't figure out myself spending time in contemplation...

  3. Hi Mitch, your photos are all interesting shots of people going about their day. My favorite is the boot sale picture. Some of the people look happy to be there (I would love it myself), but the little boy seems like he is ready to head for home. B/W adds an "every day" flavor to the pictures.