Saturday, 28 November 2015

Picture This #330 ~ Electric

Hi all, I loved thinking about this theme and what I could do with it.

Thank you for putting my butternut as banner shot; I am honored.

Here we go:

Beer sign

Captain Eddie's bar in Nokomis, Florida.

O'Hare Airport Chicago

O'Hare Airport, Chicago.


Music on the beach, Venice, Florida. Despite all the electric amplifiers, it was more folk than rock.


  1. You have such unique bar illuminations in the states. the airport lights are fascinating. Hearing music on a beach must be very good. He looks like he was enjoying having his photo taken.

  2. wow just wow all od these are superb benni
    the electric guitat is well wonderful and O'hare cool idea
    the raw oyster well cool my hubbt would have loved his favorite

  3. Hi Benni !! Great shots for this week's theme!! Love the neon sign for Captain Eddie's bar. Wish i was there now, instead of in the middle of yet another storm coming in off the Atlantic!! Great shot of the concourse at O'Hare. It's just full of colour and energy!! Wonderful shot of the musician with his electric mandolin.

  4. Delightful flourescent tubing and wonderful shot of the old man

  5. Hi Benni! Plesed to look at these three photos... there is light... there is colour... there is life.. beautiful!

  6. Thanks to all for your kind comments. :)