Saturday, 21 November 2015

Picture This #329 ~ Fall Foods

Thanks for featuring my banner Mitch and thanks for hosting Heidi

On a walk through the Autumn market in Solothurn gourds seem to be the thing.
Market Day Autumn, Solothurn

And then we have the marroni man (horse chestnuts). He has been selling from this hut for many years, It is always the same family through generations that come to Solothurn from the Italian part of Switzerland throughout winter.
Roasted Horse Chestnut seller, Solothurn

There is nothing like chilli con carne (my fashion) to warm you up on a cold evening.
Chilli con carne

............and a cheese fondue.
Cheese Fondue


  1. Hi Pat !! I think I've fixed the problem you were having with the HTML. I've taken out those pesky links that Flickr insist on putting in. Great shots for the theme!! Those gourds come in a fascinating range of colours and shapes!! Chestnuts seem to be a popular choice in the autumn/winter months in Europe. Your home-made chilli sure looks good!! Would like to try some. The fondue also looks good, something I've not had for many years.

    1. Thanks Mitch, but I always remove the stupid links and each time I did it this time Blogger acted up and froze the screen with rows of html with a pink background. That was my problem. I could not move on. This time I left the Flickr links as they were, uploaded and afterwards removed all the Flickr rubbish and it seemed to work eventually. I have been experiencing that problem the whole week when I was doing a repost of my WordPress blogs. I don't make the cheese fondue myself but buy it in a packet, just to say.

  2. Hi Pat and your banner is a wonder
    love your fall shots of food love the gourds and the chillie makes me hungry

  3. Congrats, Pat, on the banner shot. That is a stunning view. I love the squash; nice composition of fall fruits and colors. Wonderful view of the marroni man and his interesting hut. Is that a tin roof? Yummy-looking pot of chili; we should compare recipes. And nothing beats fondue. I like the blues and browns in the picture.

  4. Love the colourd in the top photo...nice display of different shapes of gourds... Have you bought some roasted chestnuts? Here, in Portugal, we he have to buy a minimum of a dozen of chestnuts... how nice the business passing from generation to generation... I love chilli with meat and yours looks a temptation... Of course, cheese fondue would be nice on a cold day.. Excellent set of shots for this week's theme...
    By the way, regarding what to do with quince fruit, have just posted a recipe... it's very easy... Pls visit my blog post of this evening.

  5. Wonderful display of colours and shapes.