Saturday, 28 November 2015

Picture This #330 ~ Electric

Good banner photo from Benni and thanks for hosting with such an original theme.

It just so happened after I saw this theme that Mr. Swiss was playing with some music recording on his computer using some strange programme that I did not know as he went playing with some of his jazz musician friends yesterday evening and working on the recording. The picture on the screen caught my attention so I took a photo.

We now have a new provider for our Internet and so had to have a new modem. This is now our brain of our complete installation at home, serving all computers.

Here are the Christmas lights on the main street through our village. Nothing spectacular, but at least we can't complain that they spend too much money on them.
Christmas Lights in Feldbrunnen

I took this in Dagenham, London. Seems to be a collection of telephone cables for the street.
English telephone cables in Dagenham Heathway


  1. Hi, Pat, great electricity shots! The first is inspired out-of-the-box thinking. I also like your wires, both the tangle in your house and the cables in London. Interesting angles. My favorite is the one of your town lights; I love the simplicity and the composition with the Christmas lights and the cars.

  2. Hi Pat!! Terrific shots for this week's theme!!. I really like that first shot, you've captured it so well. I belive it is a digital recorder for transferring old vinyl records onto a digital format. You can see the controls, top-left and top-right to help eliminate those old vinyl friends.....scratch, pop, crackle and hiss. The yellow things that look like a seismograph is a display of the waveforms of the music/sound currently being played/recorded. That's quite a collection of electronic boxes for your household digital services. I just have the one router. I guess you need more so that both of you can be online at the same time without affecting bandwidth. I like the understated Christmas lights of your village. The final shot is such a familiar a sight in the UK.

  3. A plethora of electricity in the shape of sound, network, streetlights and powerlines

  4. You have a very peculiar and smart sense of looking at your surroundings.. I really love it...