Friday, 13 November 2015

Picture This #328 ~ Fading Light

Hello, and welcome to Picture This, Benni here, your host this week. Trying to think of a theme, I found myself looking out the window to the grey dreary November day with just a bit of snow.  This is the time of year when there is less sunlight and the days are shorter and darker. Yet low light can be lovely and beauty can be found even in this season. So my theme is "Fading Light"; show us pictures of late autumn or photographs with subtle shades of low light. Here are mine to start.

Brown field 2
Brown field.

Autumn pond
Cold pond.

Capitol building, Lansing, Michigan.

Perfect choice for the banner picture, Mitch!


  1. Hi Benni!! Many thanks for hosting this week!! Great theme, am looking forward to seeing what folks come up with for this one. Love the fading golds of the field in the first shot. I really like the shimmering reflection in the lake. The Capitol looks very austere in the fading light.

  2. Beautiful ocher/mustardgreen/palegold of the grass and bushes.

    Serene and beautiful shot of the pond

    Capital shot of the capitol.

  3. Hi benni wonderful theme and love all your cool fading light--
    mitch great banner

  4. Brown fields also have their beauty as can be seen in your photo. Very good impression ot the cold on the pond, am shivering. The hard stone building is a good example of light fading.

  5. Hi Benni! Thanks for the good choice of theme for which your 3 images are perfect shots... love the beautiful light effects in the first and second, though the bottom shot pictures a nice architecture...