Saturday, 28 November 2015

Picture This #330 ~ Electric

Greeting everyone, this is Mitch, I'll be hosting this week. Have been trying to think of a theme that we haven't done before, and I think I found one!! The theme is 'Electric'. There's LOTS of possible interpretations for this, so let's see some fun and interesting shots!!

Here are mine:

1) Plasma Hand!!
Plasma Hand

2) Times Square, NYC.
Samsung Coke

3) Electric Blue.
Crystal Ball 1

4) March Of Progress.
March Of Progress 2


  1. Hi Mitch lovely banner for this week
    your shots are so good love the plasma hand and the blue wow

  2. I thought at once this is at last something new, although I was a little unsure if I have anything. Plasma hand is very unique and a good shot. A good view of time Square, permanently electric and I like the electric blue (are you a mystic, druid or something in that line of things?). They are gradually burying our pylons underground but we still see the odd one. I like the contrasting backround on your photo.

  3. Hi Mitch - great theme, made me think. (That's a good thing.) What a interesting shot your plasma hand is. I have been staring at it, both at its beauty, also trying to discern the various elements. Wonderful shot of Times Square all lit up, and spooky blue globe. Wow, those transmission towers really do look like they are on the march. Nice contrast with the trees.

  4. Beam me up! Powerful image of the city. Enigmatic glowing sphere. Powerful and Electric shot of the powerlines


  5. Hi Mitch! First of all, thanks for the choice of a super theme... I looked at the top photo and I saw a jellyfish then reading the title I laughed at myself... a perfect capture of the many lights and neon signs at the Times Square... love that electric blue, very beautiful....interesting silhouettes of the progress...