Saturday, 5 April 2014


(I don't know whats the matter with Blogger today I had to delete and re-post this as all the text was blanked out and it would not let me modify it!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hi all I hope your weekend is good?

Congrats to Marianne for an exceptional capture used for the header well done ;).

Thanks also to Benni for a great theme!!

As an Oceanographer "Calm and Still" will always draw my mind to water and especially the sea.

So some of my images for this theme are of the ocean and all involve water.

Have  a wonderful weekend ;)

Dead Calm: The Isle of Wight and the Needles Lighthouse, South Coast, England.
Z0291106 copy

Reflecting on the Afternoon: Moors Lake, Moors Valley, Dorset, England
P4047862 copy

Autumn Waters, Cumberland River, Kentucky, USA.
Z0143629 copy

Becalmed: Boscombe, Dorset, England
PC116284 copy


  1. Love the faded blues and yellows.

    Beautiful and serene lake

    Exquisite explosion of fall colours

    Love the gentle pastel yellows and oranges

  2. Serene and calm .........all of them absolutely stunning captures, as always, Baz *smile*

    1. Your too Kind Marianne, thank you ;)

  3. Hi, Baz, love your pictures. The first one is very special to me, with the marvelous pastel hues and the textures. Seems magical. Your reflections of trees on the water are soothing and exquisite. Love the bottom picture with the sea, the boat and the little gull punctuating a calm scene.

  4. Hi Baz !! Four fabulous takes for Benni's theme!! Lovely misty quality to the first one. I saw the second shot posted on your FB page, was hoping you'd use it for this theme!! Wonderful shot. The third shot is my fave, the turning colours and the still waters are just beautiful. Love the sky colours in the fourth shot.

    1. Thanks Mitch. you get your wifi sorted yet???

  5. Memories of IOW holidays in my childhood. We were always at Freshwater Bay, near Alum Bay. Lovely photo. Love the other two photos as well. the view of the sea really radiates peace.

  6. Baz, these are all great images of calm. My favorite is the second image of Moors Lake because of the cloud formation in the horizon. It is reflected beautifully in the lake.

  7. Not easy to pick up a favourite as it always happens, but with some effort I chose the second from the top..