Saturday, 19 April 2014

Picture This #247 ~ Cats And Dogs

Lovely banner picture from Belita. It was my favourite as well.

So what can I say, with over 500 photos of felines in my stock I am now confronted with three felines all fighing for a place in the top three, although I told them you have to give the canines a chance as well.

No. 1 We have a conversation between Mr. Swiss and Fluffy, my little blind Selkirk Rex Cat. I don't know what they were discussing, but Mr. Swiss seemed to have found it quite amusing.

Fluffy and Mr. Swiss

Here we have the local supermarket feline again. She is always to be found in her territory, exploring the halls of the supermarket and usually finding a nice comfortable place, mainly in the restaurant. This time she posed for a portrait. The expression in her eyes says all.
Migros Cat

And now for a dog. Introducing Toby, my freind's dog. I always stay with her when in London. She adopted Toby from the Battersea Dog Home. He was found in a park tied to a bench with two other dogs.


  1. oh wow lovely Pat especially Toby
    You have enough photos I should have borrowed some lol

  2. "You and me - we be mates."

    Beautiful shot of the cat.

    Awefully sweet.

  3. Hi Pat !! Excellent shots for the theme!! Have to say I was surprised not to see Nera or Tabby here!! You'll never hear the last of it if they find out!!! Lovely shot of Fluffy in conversation with Mr Swiss. Your portrait of Supermarket Cat is beautiful. Yes, the eyes seem to say "Hurry up, I have things to do.......". Wonderful shot of Toby, such a lovely little dog. I like how you caught the spot of sunlight on his face.

  4. Hi Pat! Love your top picture of Mr. Swiss and Fluffy. It's a fine portrait of the two of them. The orange cat is beautiful, and what wonderful browns you have captured in your bottom photograph. I can't imagine why people abandon dogs like they do. It is so good he found a loving home.

  5. The three photos are all so good that I love them all...

  6. So sweet! All three! The interaction between your hubby and Fluffy looks intense. Perhaps asking for a can of tuna?

    The market cat looks positively mad at you for taking it's picture!

    I love the shot of Toby! The light is wonderful!