Sunday, 27 April 2014

Picture This # 248 ~ Fields

Here is a wide expanse of field at Prospect Park. This is just the lower end of the Long Meadow and can accommodate many sports teams. In the distance on the right you can see a man siphoning mud puddles on the baseball field and blowing it onto the grassy area, in preparation for yesterday's games. 

Warming up before the game. The little girl in yellow was an amazing pitcher!!! The building on the left is the old Tennis House, only used for administration now, which burns me up. I have yet to say, "You need to restore this and turn it back to public domain as it was intended." Grrrr... 

Soccer game on the field below the Picnic House. 


  1. Hi Deb! I always love your shots but these three you share today are exceptionally good!!!

  2. Hi Debby!! Great shots for the theme. Wasn't sure if you'd have anything for this one, as fields are probably in short supply in NYC!! Didn't realise just how big Prospect Park is. I really like that building in the second shot, I hope they do decide to restore it. Do girls have their own leagues for baseball?

  3. And even NY has its fields. Love those shots of the open spaces.

  4. I had no doubt you would find fields in NYC and indeed you did. Great shots. Like you, I hope that they would restore the old Tennis House. Maybe they will.