Friday, 25 April 2014

Picture This #248 ~ Field(s)

Hello everyone, Swiss miss Pat reporting - have to do this Friday evening as Saturday is filled with housewifey stuff.

Fields are everywhere, even in the corner of a town there is a field somewhere, even if it is just grass. Anyhow you can interpret this according to your wish. Here are my fields:

I am not a farmer, so do not know if this is wheat or barley, but something in that line of things just around the corner in the castle farmlands

Wheat field in Feldbrunnen

Another collection of fields in our village. The yellow is from the Rape Seed plants, which is afterwards turned into Rape oil
Rap Seed Field in Feldbrunnen

I think the farmer was feeling artistic when he ploughed this one, or looked a little deep into the glass as the lines were not so straight. Also in the village.
Ploughed field


  1. Hi Pat !!! Many thanks for hosting the challenge this week. An interesting theme, I'll have to get looking for some suitable shots. Love your three shots. The first one is, I think, wheat. Great shot of it, too. I always like to see the bright yellow fields of Rape Seed plants. Hmmmm, does appear that the farmer ploughing the field in the last shot had imbibed a little too much vino with his lunch!!!

  2. Good choice of theme, Pat! Three different fields, yet all very nice.I like the simplicity of the wheat field. Bright yellow flowering stripe in the second and the third, intentionally or not, is a very uncommon ploughing...

  3. Hi Pat a great theme and wonderful shots to start us off, congrats on this weeks header a beautiful image well done ;)

  4. Lovely banner shot, congrats! Love your middle picture with the brilliant yellow rape. The top is wheat I think, nice house on the edge.

  5. Hi Pat! Great theme! Love the first pic of the wheat field. It looks like you were lying down for that shot.

    I've never heard of rape seed before, but it's a very pretty yellow-green!

    The wavy lines in the last field certainly do look very artistic!

  6. Oh, Congrats on the banner shot! It's adorable!