Saturday, 12 April 2014

Picture This #246 ~ Street Scenes

Thanks for hosting this week Heidi and here are my contributions.

Recognise it Mitch? The market place of Marrakesh, Jemaa-El-Fna, taking from the famous café opposite, situated on the first floor.Market Place Jemaa-El-Fna

This is the first view you have of Solothurn if you enter on the East Side. Part of the steps of the St. Urs cathdral, the hotel Krone and the Jesuit Church. Note the cobbled streets which were replaced in the old style.
A September Walk through Solothurn

A typical street scene in Bern. All the streets are built in this style, nicely covered so who cares if it rains, you remain dry.
Covered pavement in Bern


  1. Hi, Pat! Love your photos, and my favorite is the middle one, a very lovely capture of Solothurn. In Europe you seem to replace streets and buildings in the old style; I wish we did that here.

  2. Hi Pat !! Three excellent shots for the theme. Of course I recognise the place in the first shot, even if you hadn't written the name of it. By my calculation it's been 32 years since I saw this place (1983), but the memory of it remains fresh. I think your photo of it is quite a lot more recent than that? I like the grand style of the Krone hotel in the second shot, and the old-style cobbles. I really like the idea of covered streets, as in Bern, they would be ideal here in the UK in winter, when it rains so much!!

  3. oh I love them all especially the first one thanks

  4. Super shot of the square overview... I guess you took it from the Café de France, didn't you? I write so because I have a similar shot that I took from there... Love the photo of your city... The pharmacy must be interesting... Good perspective of the arcades... the ivy (?) looks good against the stone...

    1. I think that cafe is the only one for such a view. I didn't know its name, but I do know that a few years ago there was a bombing there. I remember seeing it on our news.

  5. Wonderful market shot

    Impressive building

    Beautiful entrance

  6. Lovely captures Pat the second is my Fav ;)

  7. Hi Pat, nice view of the market in Marrakesh. I love the corner view of the hotel. The cobbled streets are rare here in the States. People who traveled to your country always remark how clean everything is. The covered streets in Bern are unique.