Saturday, 5 April 2014

Picture This #245 ~ Still Or Calm

Thank you for hosting Benni and congratulations on Marianne's banner photo.

As you can see I have returned after a week in London complete with a few captured shots, so let us get started on this very good theme, something completely different.

If you want quiet, then go to a cemetery. That is what I did in London and visited Romford Cemetery, looking for my aunt and uncle. I did not find them, but took a few good shots.

Romford Cemetery

If there is something that is quiet, still and relaxed it is a cat. This is not one of mine but the local supermarket cat. It belongs to one of the houses near the supermarket, but has made the supermarket to its territory. She is always there, mainly in the restaurant seeing what is going, but here she decided to take a rest on the furniture display for outside on the porch.
Migros Cat with the garden furniture

Where else could it be stress-free, quiet and away from the noise of every day life. Above the clouds of course - taken last week on my way to London.
Over the clouds


  1. Hi Pat, glad you are safely home. Beautiful cemetery; I love the emerald green grass and the atmosphere you have captured. The cat is just adorable, looking so relaxed and comfy. And you are right, there is nothing calmer than the fluffy white clouds and a lovely view of them. Nice work.

  2. Hi Pat !! Good to see you back. Three great shots for Benni's theme. Of course, you couldn't get much quieter than a cemetery!! I really like Supermarket Cat!! He should have his own page!! Lovely shot of the fluffy clouds in the last shot.

  3. Hi glad you are back hope all went well--
    love all your shots

  4. Serene


    "Come fly with me..."

  5. Lovely takes on the theme Pat, I love the second one LOL ;)

  6. These are creative shots. Cemeteries always depict calmness. The cat resting in the supermarket is a great take on the theme. Lovely shot from your seat on the airplane.

  7. hi pat, cool pics. love the first one so peaceful as a cemetery can be

  8. Three great shots for this week's theme. Love that 'watchcat', my favourite...