Saturday, 19 April 2014

Picture This #247~ Cats And Dogs

Hi all. Happy Easter Weekend. Congrats to Belita for the wonderful header image. It was by far my favorite image of last week's contributions.

Apologies first to everybody who is a "cat person", I am not and do not have a single shot of a cat even in my extensive archive LOL. 

So my contributions this week are all dogs. I hope you like them ;)

How Much is that Doggy.......?

Super Dog!!

Marci's dog Leo, who is a Husky cross and has 2 different coloured eyes, light blue and golden!!

Father of all Dogs: Canis lupus!!


  1. all great but I love super dog the best

  2. My felines forgive you, but a home is not a home without a feline they think. Love your candid photos of the dogs, especially No. 1. I think No. 4 just sneaked in to show who is really in charge.

  3. Awefully cute.

    "Look what I found."

    "Im keeping a sharp ear on things."

    Beautiful shot of the wolf. I do love these magnificent animals.

  4. Hi Baz !! Wonderful shots for the theme. That doggie in the window looks kinda sad. Hope he found a home!! Super Dog is a great shot. Leo is such a handsome dog, but a total goofball at the same time!! beautiful shot of the wolf.

  5. Fabulous shots, Baz, and my absolute favorite is the top one of the dog in the window. Great of the dog and great atmosphere.

  6. Wonderful shots, Baz! How beautiful those dogs are! Love that Canis Lupus... my favourite!

  7. Great shots. I love the doggie in the window!!!