Saturday, 4 April 2015

Picture This #297 ~ Oceans, Seas Or River

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week's challenge. A really good theme, everyone should have something for it!!  Happy Easter everyone!!

Here are mine:

1) Sunset at Freshwater West, Wales.
Sunset Seas 3

2) Ocean pounds the land at St Govan's Headlands, Wales.
St Govan's Headland

3) Sunset on the Cleddau River, Wales.
Cleddau Sunset 2

4) Receding tide, Amroth Bay, Wales.
On Distant Shores


  1. Wonderful oceanagraphic photos Mitch. Sunset on the rocks, very effective.A majestic headland and a beautiful sunset, the icing on the river cake. Love the romantic effect on the receding tide.

  2. Oh how wonderful they all are especially the sunset wow and they all take my breath away

  3. Marvelous, Mitch. I especially love the cliffs at St. Govan's Headland. That would be a wonderful place for my castle.

  4. Mitch you shared some fantastic views of the coastline in Wales. I love the sunset in the first photo and the cliffs in the second photo.

  5. Hi Mitch! Excellent selection of shots for the theme... the first depicts some drama, the second shows nature at one of its best, while the third inspires romance and the bottom makes me feel like walking on the shore with a bucket and fill it up with that silver-like water....

  6. Beautiful iridescent diamondwhite sun
    in the ominous darkgrey clouds and shimmering lacewhitefrothed sea
    dashing itself against the unyielding
    rocky shore.

    Beautiful and majestic seascape

    Utterly lovely shimmering palegold greycloudsstrained sky and iridescent diamondwhite pinkstrained sun.

    Utterly lovely shimmering grey-black clouded sky and iridescent silver-glitter on the chrome combers caressing the beach.