Saturday, 25 April 2015

Picture This #300 ~ It's Me!!

Thanks for hosting Mitch and wonderful banner picture by Robert.

So here are my mug shots, at least those I once dared to upload in flickr!!

Me sunk in thought around 2 years old, I think.
Me at Nutfield

About 8 years old at primary school, my first steps in reading.
Me about 8 years old

The teenage years are upon us.
Me teenager

Taken in a holiday apartment in Gstaad. I suppose I was about 40 years old.
Me Gstaad

This is the most recent, about a month ago, resting on a bench after a walk through the country.
Me, resting during a walk


  1. Great set of photos!! Love especially the one in your teens - I had a bun just like that! Did you ever wear it down?

  2. Hi Pat !! Great set of photos for this special theme. I wonder if you were thinking about what to write next in that first shot? LOL. Happy smile in your second shot, I think you must have enjoyed your school years. In the few school shots of me that still exist I am always scowling!! The 'teenage' shot made me think maybe you were off out on a Saturday night, maybe dancing? I'm guessing it wasn't a skiing holiday in Gstaad, as you don't seem to be dressed for snow!! Lovely last shot.......I like how you've kept smiling through all these times.

  3. My teenage shot was taken on a visit to an aunt, although I must admit the Mecca Dancing in Leicester Square, London was one of my regular haunts on Saturday night. We never did skiing holidays, but spent our Summer family holidays somewhere in a rented house or appartment in the Bernese Overland.

  4. I like every photo of you at the different stages of your life. They well depict how each of them has its beauty and how you have been ageing and smiling, simultaneously.... beautiful, indeed!

  5. Wonderful photos, Pat. A perty gel in all ages.