Saturday, 11 April 2015

Picture This #298 ~ Paths, Walks Or Trails

First of all congratulations Benni to the wonderful banner picture and thanks for hosting Mitch.

Since the Spring weather arrived, I seem to have been constantly walking lately, so should have a few new photos, I hope.

This is the path from our local Castle Waldegg. The lone figure on the way is Mr. Swiss.
Alley, Castle Waldegg

So let us walk a few steps to the river
Stairs River Aar

And a walk across the bridge over the River Aar (again Mr. Swiss in the distance)
Attisholz Bridge River Aar

And what would a path be without a walk to Castle Waldegg, just across the road
Path to castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen


  1. Hi Pat !!! Really good shots for this week's theme. The steps in the second shot are certainly a good for a cardio workout!! Great perspective of the bridge in the third shot. I really like the long straight paths in the first and fourth shots!!

  2. Hi Pat! My husband does the same, walking ahead of me as I take pictures. You have some very nice ones here, especially the very peaceful green one on top. (Mr. Swiss' blue outfit contrasts nicely.)

  3. Love the four shots but walking down those steps to the river would surely make me feel pleased...

  4. A lovely path to take a spring walk on

    For the hardened extreme sporter ;)

    Cool perspective

    Wonderful straight path to the castle