Saturday, 4 April 2015

Picture This #297 ~ Oceans, Seas Or Rivers

Thanks for hosting Heidi and congratulations to Anders on the wonderful Banner shot.

As I said before, we have no oceans in Switzerland, just lakes and rivers and as I no longer travel, my photos are restricted. However, due to the many hikes I made when the weather was ok, I do have a few new photos.

They built a new bridge about ten years ago across the River Aar.
River Aar Attisholz bridge

On one of our walks, we walk up these steps from the river bank (again River Aar)
Stairs River Aar

Even cemetaries have rushing streams - St. Kathrinen cemetery, Solothurn.
Stream, St. Kathrinen Cemetery, Solothurn

Again the River Aar - from a walk along the river bank
River Aar


  1. Hi Pat these are all wonderful even the cemetery stream is neat

  2. Pat, I really enjoy your photos; my favorite is the little water fall near the cemetery. Very picturesque.

  3. Hi Pat !! Nice choices for this week's theme, despite not having any ocean shots. Lovely still shot of the Aar, with good reflections. The top of those steps is a great vantage point for taking shots of the river. I love that little stream through the cemetery. Trees in the last shot are still waiting for their Spring greens.

  4. I always like your photos, Pat! They never miss showing us a bit of Swiitzerland, a country that I love so much, perhaps for being very different from Portugal, in many many aspects...

  5. Beautiful and serene

    Wonderful view

    Beautiful lacewhitefrothed curtain of the fall