Saturday, 25 April 2015

Picture This #300 ~ SPECIAL THEME: It's Me !!

Hi everyone, this is Mitch, I'll be your host this week. It's our 300th challenge!!! To mark this special occasion I've decided to do something a little different!! So the theme is: IT'S ME!!  I want you to post at least three photos of YOURSELF. One as a child, one recent (within the last year preferably) and at least one somewhere inbetween.  For this theme ONLY, I will allow you to post photos taken by other people (for obvious reasons!! LOL). I do hope you will get in the spirit of this special theme and take part!! 

Here are mine:

1) Me at age 3 (I think) in my grandmother's garden, with 'Buster' the collie.
1961 With Buster

2) Age 22, France. First trip abroad.
1981 France 2

3) Age 35, Dartmoor. Scary hairy!! LOL
1993 Dartmoor 1

4) Recent shot. Taken by Baz on my visit last week.
Mitch 2015


  1. oh I love it love you in all ages will be back with mine

  2. An inspired theme! Very cute little boy and I also like your contemplative look at Dartmoor. Great shot of you by Baz, charming young man in France.

  3. Oh yes, definitely. From a sweet little boy that every mother would love to have, to a sort of teddy boy where you wonder which direction it will go, to the hippie that made his decision on the direction and then back to the serious photographer who has everything under control. What a wonderful life's journey you have made.

  4. Hi Mitch! Hearty congratulations for having been keeping at the helm of this fantastic Group - no matter the size of it - for several years, already...Excellent choice of theme to mark this very special anniversary.... As to the photos of you at several stages of life, they all show you clearly portraying the characteristics of your age, of the times gone by up to the current days....

  5. Wonderful collage of photos of you

  6. Great theme, Mitch! I like your hippy look at 35 and you're absolutely adorable with Buster by your side. Wondering who took the shot of you in France? Out with buddies? And of course the best is the last, because you're/we're not getting older. We're getting BETTER! Right?