Sunday, 19 April 2015

Picture This #299 ~ Magic Moments

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week. A great theme, something that everyone will interpret in completely different ways. For me the most magical moments are those when meeting creatures in their natural habitat. Here are some of my favourites:

1) Chipmunk, near Atlatl Rock, Valley Of Fire.
Chipmunk 5

2) Raven, Ponderosa Point, Bryce National Park.
Raven 5

3) Horned Lizard, Valley Of Fire.
Horned Lizard 1

4) Ground Squirrel, Grand Canyon.
Ground Squirrel 1


  1. Mitch, what excellent close-up photos of these animals. It is a magical experience to observe and record animals in their environment. You selected animals of the Southwest. I liked your capture of the raven.

  2. First of all thankyou for the honour of the banner photo. Mr. Swiss is very proud that he is now the start of the banner. Love your photos. the way you caught the moment with the chipmunk is fantastic. That is some raven, an inpiration for a poem (or did Poe get there first). Love the shiny black of his feathers. The horned lizard looks very curious, probably his first portrait and a very good shot of the ground squirrel.

  3. oh how wonderful they are --that raven wow love the lizard and the squirrel at the grand canyon must pose for us all lol

  4. Hi Mitch! So glad you had a great time with Baz. Your pictures are all exquisite, with fabulous detail, and I can't help but favor that lizard. Truly magnificent.

  5. Welcome back, Mitch! Hope you had a wonderful week away from home... Love your four magical moments..those are magical, indeed!!! Love shot of the horned lizard... he seems to be greeting whoever was looking at him...

  6. All of these are wonderful shots, Mitch! I love the Valley of Fire the best. I would be thrilled to capture such an unusual creature. It's not handsome but it is captivating. The chippie and squirrel are so cute and the raven looks very intelligent.

  7. Sweet and petite

    Hugin or Mumin - the ravens of Woden

    "Friends, Lizards, fellow desertdwellers - lend me your spines."

    Wonderful capture of the little critter.