Friday, 17 April 2015

Picture This #299 ~ Magic Moments

We all enjoy photography and sometimes there is that special photo that we are pleased with. Perhaps more luck than judgement, so show them to us.

Here we go:

The horse's eye and I think I can even see my reflection with the camera!!
Eye of the horse

On a walk along the river Aar I saw the shadows of these trees in the water.
On the banks of the River Aar

I quite liked the reflection of the sun on this large stones at the edge of the river.
On the banks of the River Aar

Thanks to Mr. Swiss pointing out these trees, I took a photo. I think a painting would also have been good.
Trees on a hill in Feldbrunnen


  1. Nice theme, Pat, and wonderful pictures. I especially like the lovely horse's eye. I'll be back with mine.

    1. Also so delighted to see your wonderful picture of the man in blue as the banner picture.

  2. Hi Pat, love the the four shots... the last one picturing those four trees half(?) naked trees is really beautiful... I'm sure if I had been you, I would have been watching them for a long time...

  3. HI Pat a wonderful theme
    love all four especially the river bottom
    wil be back

  4. Hi Pat, I love the photo of the horse with your reflection in its eye. I love shots with images reflected in the water. How clear is that river bed. Nice grouping of the trees on the hill.

  5. Hi Pat !!! Many thanks for hosting this week, great theme!! Love the shot of the horse's eye. Yes, I can see your reflection, or at least the reflection of your shadow. Very good shot of the tree shadows on the water. The water is lovely and clear in your third shot. I like how the trees in the last shot appear to be 'peeping' over the top of the hill.

  6. Utterly lovely capture of the horse's eye

    Beautiful reflection of the trees

    Wonderful stones

    Beautifully silhouetted trees.