Friday, 10 April 2015

Picture This #298 ~ Paths, Walks Or Trails

Hi everyone, this is Mitch, I'll be your host for this week. I'm going to be away for the next week, first visiting my mom, then spending a few days visiting Baz, hopefully to get some photography done, assuming this lovely Spring weather continues!! I will have internet access, so I'll pop in when I can to comment on your entries. 

This week's theme is 'Paths, Walks Or Trails'. Lets see your photos of favourite places to walk, or even ride!!

1) Sunlit path, Moors Valley, Dorset, England.
Path Of Light 1

2) Path across the lake, Bosherston, Wales.
The Crossing 1

3) Woodland path, New Forest, England.
Woodland Path 3

4) Coastal path, Durlston Head, Dorset, England.
Don't Fence Me In 1


  1. Hi Mitch! Good theme and related awesome shots, as always... I would like to walk myself along any of the four paths. All of them look very beautiful, with environments suitable to relax from the urban life.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to wish you an enjoyable time together with our Mom while your stay at Baz's will surely give you plenty of opportunities to take many photos that I hope you will share later with us.

  3. Hi Mitch oh what a lovely banner benni's shot makes

    great theme

    remember if you need help holler :)

  4. There is something magical about those paths. four great shots and each one making you wonder what happens afterwards.

  5. Hi Mitch, hope you are having a lovely time with your mother and that you and Baz will be kicking up your heels. Thanks for using my picture as the banner, as always I am honored. All of your shots are of paths I might choose to take. What makes them so charming is that they are not paved or overly trampled by signs of people. That little acorn is delightful, as is the walkway across the pond. Could have been taken 50 years ago or even 100. So peaceful.

  6. Beautiful shimmering shadowplay on the paht

    Wonderful bridge to cross the lake on

    Lush and wonderful route to walk thru the forest

    Lovely view