Saturday, 6 June 2015

Picture This #306 ~ Art

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week. A great theme with lots of possibilities!!  I've decided to do something a bit different.....I found an album in my archive with four different types of art in just one location: St David's Cathedral, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

1) Stained-glass art.
Stained Glass Detail 1

2) Stone-mason's art: a gargoyle (is it just me or does it look a bit like British actor Sir Ralph Richardson?)
Gargoyle 1

3) Painted ceiling of the main tower.
Tower Ceiling 2

4) 'Wing And A Prayer' sculpture.
Wing & A Prayer


  1. The guy in the first photo looks like he means what he says, but where are the leeks and the daffodils. I think No 2 bloke is too shy to show himself, or was it really a self-portrait? Very intricate work on the painted ceiling and the sculpture is very realistic, expecting the bird to fly off any moment.

  2. Hi Mitch! Your selection of shots for Anders' theme is perfect, as always... something happens with the second shot from the top as it doesn't show up unless we click on the X icon.Of course, I did it and I liked what I saw as much as it happened with the two others.

  3. Hi Mitch, I love what you have done with the theme. Magnificent capture of the stained glass piece, what detail! I don't know Sir Ralph Richardson, but that is a wonderful photo of a wonderful work. Great painted ceiling and a more modern interpretation in your last.

  4. Melancholy and beautiful

    Looks like Frankenstein a bit

    Beautiful intricate ceiling

    Exceptional sculpture

  5. hi mitch nice choice of different type of art, love the first oneit is my fav